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A mass of 260 man-made islands, known as World Islands, designed to imitate the world on a smaller scale, houses The Voco Monaco Hotel Dubai. The hotel that never sleeps, this picturesque, private beachfront resort is an adult-only party haven that boasts a wide range of dining options and unique amenities for all to enjoy, which you are free to indulge in in your own time.

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As we said, we are holding nothing back, and we want to give you the best accommodation to elevate your experience in every way possible. 

The ‘Loyalty Single or Double’ wristband options or the ‘Fully Loaded Single or Double’ wristband options include Deluxe rooms with King-sized beds and breakfast. 

Enjoy pool and beach parties and explore conceptual dining offers. Indulge at La Brasserie on Raining Street, celebrate at the elegant Champagne bar, or dine under the stars at La Rive. Our beachfront seafood restaurant invites you to bring your daily caught fish for our chefs to expertly prepare.

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